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The Ultimate Trooli Broadband Deals Guide

Trooli is one of the many newcomers within the broadband industry in the United Kingdom. Trooli uses its own network, providing its customers with incredibly fast and reliable speeds through the use of fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology, instead of using the Openreach network which uses ageing copper cables to deliver WiFi to your home.

Trooli is a local, Kent based internet service provider, and it’s proud to be a ‘local company employing a local workforce.’ The company aims to bring highly advanced broadband connections to as many homes and businesses as possible. However, at the time of writing (December 2022), Trooli currently only operates in the South East of the United Kingdom.

Types of Trooli Broadband Packages

Trooli is one of the more simple internet service providers (ISPs), as you can’t bundle your broadband with TV, nor do you need a home phone service to obtain any of Trooli’s broadband packages. Trooli simply offers its customers with three full-fibre, broadband-only packages that are competitively priced.

Here are the three broadband packages that Trooli can offer you:

Full Fibre 300 Home - 300Mbps (100Mbps upload)

Full Fibre 500 Home - 500Mbps (200Mbps upload)

Full Fibre 900 Home - 900Mbps (300Mbps upload)

Full Fibre 300 Home

Trooli’s 300 Home package isn’t like the usual entry level broadband package. As it offers lightning fast download speeds of 300Mbps, as well as a steady and reliable upload speed of 100Mbps. This package is definitely ideal for average sized households that use the internet frequently on multiple devices all at the same time. If some residents have to work from home, this package will be perfect for them, as meetings on apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype will be very smooth as you’ll rarely experience any buffering issues. Those who prefer to play online video games will also enjoy this package as they’ll rarely suffer from lag or latency issues.

Full Fibre 500 Home

This is Trooli’s second-best broadband package as it comes with ultrafast download speeds of 500Mbps and upload speeds of 200Mbps as well. This guarantees a fast and reliable internet connection, which can handle the majority of your most demanding internet activities, no matter how many residents are using the internet or how many devices are being used. This broadband package is also great for households that potentially have more than one serious gamer living there, as well as being a great package for people that enjoy streaming on popular services like Twitch or upload videos onto YouTube. You’ll hardly ever experience any lag or latency and the process of uploading videos will always be seamless.

Full Fibre 900 Home

The Full Fibre 900 Home package is the pinnacle of Trooli’s broadband packages, with extremely fast download speeds of 900Mbps and rapid upload speeds of 300Mbps. This is perfect for those who live in very large households that are incredibly internet-hungry. With this package, which is almost 14 times faster than the average broadband speed in the United Kingdom, you’ll be able to carry out some of the most demanding activities whilst online. Even when there are multiple devices being used in the household all at the same time, you’ll never experience any slowdown, buffering or latency.

Why Pick Trooli?

Unlimited Data Usage

All of Trooli’s broadband packages come with unlimited broadband as a standard (fair usage applied). This means that there’s no limit on how much you can download or upload. Also, you’ll never have to worry about facing an extra fee due to your broadband usage. Meaning you’ll be able to enjoy all the data you want.

Trooli Calls Packages

Although a phone line isn’t required with any of Trooli’s broadband plans, if you’d like a home phone service as well as your broadband, you’ll have three different options:

  • Line only, with PAYG (pay-as-you-go) calls
  • Unlimited weekend and evening calls
  • Unlimited anytime calls

The Unlimited calls include UK landline numbers, but not mobiles.

Full Fibre Technology

Due to the use of FTTP technology, Trooli’s broadband packages will rarely experience any lag. Copper cables (commonly used during the ‘last mile’ of part-fibre broadband packages) aren’t used in the process of delivering connection to your home and you also won’t be sharing any connection lines with your neighbours.

Trooli’s Customer Service

Trooli has a locally based customer service team, located in Kent. As Trooli is relatively new and also quite a small provider, Ofcom doesn’t yet include it in its customer service reports, making it a bit more difficult to compare it to some of the more popular internet service providers (ISPs) within the UK. However, Trooli has an average review rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot and many customers have written positive reviews about Trooli’s customer service being prompt and useful when they required assistance.

Trooli FAQs

How expensive are Trooli’s broadband packages?

At the time of writing (December 2022), Trooli’s prices start from a reasonable and competitive price of £35 a month. Which, for the lightning fast broadband speeds that you’re getting, compares extremely well with the likes of BT, Sky and Virgin Media. Trooli’s faster packages are also slightly more expensive but still reasonably priced when compared to other broadband packages from some of the more well known ISPs.

Here are the prices of Trooli’s three broadband packages:

Currently, Trooli have a deal that gives customers a free first month of their chosen broadband package after they have opted for one of Trooli’s services.

Full Fibre 300 Home - £35.00 (first month free)

Full Fibre 500 Home - £48.00 (first month free)

Full Fibre 900 Home - £68.00 (first month free)

Does Trooli offer business broadband deals?

Similar to their residential broadband packages, Trooli also offers three business broadband deals.

Here are the three business broadband packages that Trooli can offer you:


Boost 300 - 300Mbps (average download and upload speed)

Boost 500 - 500Mbps (average download and upload speed)

Boost 900 - 900Mbps (average download and upload speed)


Boost 300 - £50.00 (excluding VAT)

Boost 500 - £65.00 (excluding VAT)

Boost 900 - £68.00 (excluding VAT)

How long will it take to install Trooli broadband?

Installing a Trooli broadband package can often be a little bit more complex than if you were to install a package from one of the household-name providers (due to the use of the FTTP technology rather than FTTC technology). Nonetheless, it usually only takes a couple of hours, meaning that you won’t be without broadband for a significant amount of time.

Standard installations of Trooli broadband cost £120. However, if extra cabling is required, it will come at a cost of £6 per metre of cabling.

Can I get Trooli broadband without a landline?

Yes! As mentioned above, all of Trooli’s broadband packages come without a landline as standard. This means that you can save a few extra pounds at the end of the month as you won’t have to pay for a home phone that you rarely use.

Are Trooli’s broadband packages available in my area?

As it’s still an up-and-coming ISP, Trooli’s availability is still fairly limited. At this moment in time, its services are mainly available in rural communities around the South East of England.

Here are some of the regions where Trooli’s services are available:

  • Berkshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • East Anglia
  • East Sussex
  • Hampshire
  • Kent

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