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The Ultimate BT Broadband Deals Guide

BT is not only the UK's leading telecommunications and network provider but also the oldest telecoms company, with its origins dating back over 175 years ago. Its main activities in the UK include the provision of fixed voice, mobile, broadband and TV as well as a range of products and services over converged fixed and mobile. Even with all its history, it still remains the most subscribed-to telecoms provider as it currently serves more than 14 million customers.

What Can BT Offer You?

ADSL broadbandYes (if fibre broadband is not available to you)
ADSL broadband Yes (if fibre broadband is not available to you)
Fibre Optic broadband Yes
Calls packages Yes
TV Yes (via YouView box)
Mobile phone deals Yes
BT Sport Yes
Sky Sports Yes (Sky Sports 1 and 2 are available for BT Infinity customers)

Types of BT Broadband Packages

BT have one of the widest ranges of broadband packages in the market with a large variety of speeds, including:

  • ADSL Broadband - 10Mbps
  • BT's Fibre Essential - 36Mbps
  • Fibre 1 - 50Mbps
  • Fibre 2 - 67Mbps
  • Fibre 100 - 145Mbps
  • Fibre 500 - 500Mbps
  • Fibre 900 - 900Mbps

BT's Standard ADSL Broadband

The most affordable package that BT offers has average download speeds of 10Mbps, similar to those provided by most other UK broadband companies. This should be fast enough for individuals, couples or smaller households who use the internet to browse social media, shop, stream music and watch catch-up TV - but it may struggle to meet the expectations of larger households, with multiple devices, where everyone uses the internet at once or people stream HD content. This broadband package is only available if you do not have access to fibre broadband.

BT's Fibre Essential

With download speeds of up to 36Mbps, it's most suitable for small households that aren't too dependent on their broadband speed and mainly use their broadband for the occasional stream.

Fibre 1

Download speeds of up to 50Mbps are sufficient for households who have a couple of devices that are being used simultaneously, with frequent music streaming, watching video streaming services and gaming.

Fibre 2

This slight bump in speed from Fibre 1 to Fibre 2, up to 67Mbps, is great for growing families and households with four or five people who use their devices a lot.

BT's Fibre 2 broadband package allows each person in the house to use the internet freely without encountering any problems with their internet connection. This package means that one person will be able to work from home whilst others play online video games or watch their favourite shows on popular streaming sites such as Netflix and Prime Video.

Fibre 100

With Fibre 100, you'll get unbelievable speeds that are exceptional for working from home, gaming, streaming and smart home devices such as thermostats, smart speakers and security cameras.

Fibre 500

Fibre 500 is only currently available in certain areas, so ensure to check its availability to you by entering your postcode at the top of this page.

Speeds like this are great for internet connected smart homes and large households filled with devices that are all being used at the same time.

Fibre 900

The lightning fast 900Mbps BT broadband isn't the most widely available broadband package but for those who are able to get it, they'll be looking at some of the fastest internet access around. With a minimum guaranteed download speed of 455Mbps and an average upload speed of around 110Mbps, if you're using a Fibre 900 package you'll get download speeds that are around six times faster than on Fibre 100.

Why Pick BT Broadband?

Unlimited Usage

With the slogan "No limits, no worries", BT will be able to provide you with broadband packages that have unlimited usage. This means that there's no limit on how much you can download and you'll also never have to worry about extra charges for heavy usage.

BT's Wi-fi Hotspots

BT provides its customers with over five million BT Wi-fi hotspots throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as selected locations outside of the UK. This allows customers to connect to BT Wi-fi in airports, hotels, city centres, motorway service stations and even coffee shops. Meaning that you can save your mobile data for when it's really needed.

BT Cloud Account

BT Cloud is a secure, free-of-charge way to store your photos, videos, contacts, music, documents and other files. It provides customers with a safe place to store all their files, and allows them to access these files from nearly any device. Depending on your broadband plan, you can get 10GB, 200GB or 1000GB of storage.

BT Reward Cards

Since November 2021, BT have been providing customers that have purchased an eligible broadband product, prepaid virtual reward cards that are delivered electronically which can then be used to make purchases online or over the phone, wherever Mastercardu00ae is accepted.

BT's Activation Process

If you're an existing BT customer and intend to stay on the same type of broadband at the same address, your broadband should activate within 24 hours.

If you wish to change the type of broadband that you're on (for example switching from ADSL Broadband to superfast Fibre) the activation process should be one to two weeks

If you're switching to BT, or already with BT but moving to a different address, BT will aim to get your broadband up and running within two weeks.

BT Broadband FAQs

Is a landline required to get BT Broadband?

Fortunately, you no longer need a BT phone line to get BT Broadband.

What router will I get?

The router that you receive will depend on the broadband package that you select.

ADSL Broadband & Fibre Essential Packages:

BT Home Hub 4 - If you sign up to the standard ADSL Broadband or Fibre Essential package, you will receive BT's Home Hub 4. This router comes with 7 antennas and also has a USB port and 4 gigabit local area network (LAN) ports.

Fibre 1 & Fibre 2 Packages:

BT Smart Hub 2 - If you sign up to either the Fibre 1 or Fibre 2 deal, you'll be provided with the Smart Hub 2. It's a second generation of the original Smart Hub which also features 7 antennas, which help to give you a massive range of WiFi signals throughout your home.

How much is BT broadband?

BT isn't the most expensive provider of broadband however, it isn't the cheapest either.

Currently, you can choose from a range of BT Broadband plans without a landline. These deals start from £25.99 per month with the price varying depending on the speeds you require:

  • Fibre Essential - £25.99
  • Fibre 1 - £26.99
  • Fibre 2 - £30.99
  • Full Fibre 100 - £33.99
  • Full Fibre 500 - £43.99
  • Full Fibre 900 - £53.99

What BT broadband deals are available in my area?

If you're interested in purchasing a BT broadband package, you'll be happy to know that BT is on offer in most parts of the UK.

If you'd like to know what deals are available to your address, use our tool at the top of this page.