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The Ultimate Cuckoo Broadband Deals Guide

Cuckoo is certainly one of the newcomers in the ISP (internet service provider) industry, as it officially launched in July of 2020. However, Cuckoo’s novelty isn’t stopping them from challenging all of the largest internet service providers in the UK.

Cuckoo believes that “Broadband can be way, way, way better” and that’s why it aims to keep things simple with only three different broadband deals. All of Cuckoo’s broadband plans are competitively priced, meaning that customers can benefit from part-fibre or full-fibre connections at similar, or even lower, costs than some of the biggest broadband providers in the UK.

Types of Cuckoo Broadband Packages

At the time of writing (November 2022), Cuckoo offers three broadband deals: Fast, Really Fast and Eggceptional.

Cuckoo’s Fast broadband package uses fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technology to provide customers with stable internet speeds. FTTC technology uses fibre optic cables from the telephone exchange to the closest green street cabinet in your area. After the fibre connection has reached your nearest green street cabinet, a copper connection is used from the street cabinet to your home, this is also known as the ‘last mile’ connection.

Both the Really Fast and Eggceptional broadband plans use fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology in order to provide customers with incredibly fast and reliable broadband. Unlike traditional ADSL broadband deals, as well as fibre-to-the-cabinet packages, FTTP technology doesn’t use copper cables at any stage of the provision of broadband connection.

All three of these deals are available on either a 30-day rolling contract or a 12 month plan. Opting for the one-month deal will incur a £60 fee in order to get set up. However, the latter deal (12 month contract) doesn’t require you to pay any sort of setup fee. Cuckoo also promises that you won’t encounter any increases in price after your contract expires.

Here are the average download and upload speeds for the three broadband packages that Cuckoo provide:

Fast - 67Mbps (upload speeds of 8Mbps)

Really Fast - 100Mbps (upload speeds of 20Mbps)

Eggceptional - 900Mbps (upload speeds of 115Mbps)


The Fast broadband package has an average download speed of 67Mbps which is more than enough for small but busy households that have more than a few devices connected to the internet simultaneously. With this deal, you’ll be able to stream ultra-HD video on two different devices at the same time, or download an entire HD movie in just under 10 minutes.

Really Fast

Cuckoo’s Really Fast broadband package is great for larger households that frequently use the internet on multiple devices. You’ll be able to stream 4K quality videos, download large files and play video games online without suffering from any latency or buffering. With reliable upload speeds of 20Mbps, issues with latency or buffering should rarely be an issue for you. If instead of online gaming, you prefer calling family and friends on services such as Skype, FaceTime and Zoom, you’ll also be able to carry out calls with ease.


This is the fastest, and also most expensive, broadband package that Cuckoo offers its customers. It comes with average download speeds of 900Mbps and average upload speeds of 115Mbps. This is Cuckoo’s best broadband package as it will never let you down, no matter how heavy your internet usage is. The Eggceptional broadband plan’s Trustpilot rating is 4.2 out of 5, which is much higher than BT, Virgin Media, Sky and Vodafone for their respective 900Mbps services.

Why Pick Cuckoo Broadband?

Choice of Contract Length

Cuckoo, unlike some of the more mainstream internet service providers, doesn’t attempt to lock its customers into deals that last for 18 or even 24 months. Instead, Cuckoo offers one-month rolling and 12 month packages too.

Broadband-Only Packages

All of Cuckoo’s packages are broadband-only. This means that you’ll always get exactly what you pay for, there won’t be any hidden fees that you’ll have to pay for and you won’t be forced to pay for things that you may not use (e.g. certain TV channels or a home phone). Cuckoo aims to make things as simple as possible.

Excellent Customer Service

Over 70% of Cuckoo’s reviews on Trustpilot are rated as ‘Excellent’ and it has a very good overall rating of 4.1 out of 5. This is a rating that is much higher than the majority of ISPs in the United Kingdom. Cuckoo also replies to almost 100% of their negative reviews in less than 24 hours, suggesting that they are dedicated to providing the best service possible to all of their customers.

Full Fibre Technology

If the Really Fast and Eggceptional broadband deals are available at your address, you’ll be able to experience a broadband service that uses full-fibre technology to provide internet connectivity to your home. FTTP technology will provide you with an incredibly stable connection as you won’t be sharing any connection lines with your neighbours.

Cuckoo Broadband FAQs

How expensive are Cuckoo’s broadband packages?

All three of Cuckoo’s broadband packages are competitively priced, and in most cases, they end up being your best bet when compared to their competitors.

Here are the prices of Cuckoo’s broadband packages:

Fast - £29.99

Really Fast - £39.99

Eggceptional - £54.99

Can I bundle any of Cuckoo’s broadband packages with TV?

As mentioned previously, Cuckoo aims to keep things as simple as possible. Therefore, you won’t be able to bundle Cuckoo broadband with a TV deal. If a broadband and TV deal is something that you’re looking for, click here and you’ll be able to see all the broadband and TV bundles that are available to your address.

How do I switch to Cuckoo?

After you’ve signed up to Cuckoo’s services, they’ll do all the rest and notify your current provider, if they are also on the Openreach network, that you intend to switch to a different service (ISPs that don’t use the Openreach network, such as Virgin, will need to be contacted directly). Then, your connection with your previous ISP will come to an end the day before your Cuckoo broadband is up and running.

How quickly can I get connected to Cuckoo Broadband?

Cuckoo can get your fibre live as quickly as 2 weeks (10 working days) from the day that you order your package. If that time period is just a little too long and you require fast internet, you can take their Eggspress Wi-Fi add-on and get 4G coverage until your fibre connection is ready. After your connection is up and running, you can choose to return the add-on at no extra cost. However, if you’d like to keep it, it’ll cost you £40.

Is Cuckoo Broadband available in my area?

If you’re interested in purchasing one of Cuckoo’s three broadband packages, you’ll be happy to know that Cuckoo is on offer in most parts of the UK, due to its use of the Openreach network.

If you’d like to know what deals are available to your address, simply enter your address here.