Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk broadband compared

Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk Broadband Guide

Key Points

  • Sky and TalkTalk are two of the UK's finest broadband services.
  • Both services have earned staggering awards and an enviable clientele as internet service providers.
  • However, Sky broadband, which has Satellite TV origins, offers its customers more options in terms of tv packages and call plans. On the other hand, TalkTalk broadband seems to excel in the areas of affordability and broadband speed.
  • Nevertheless, this BroadbandProviders guide is designed to reveal the intricate differences between Sky and TalkTalk broadband to help you make an informed decision.

In modern society, internet access is considered a necessity as vital as utilities like light, gas or water. Choosing an internet service provider is a serious business because the browsing patterns of your personal and professional lives depend on it.

A failing ISP could infringe your productivity with its buffering, poor customer service and service quality, while a robust one can elevate your work efficiency. On a personal level, a failing ISP might ruin quality time shared with friends, family or even alone. This is because the constant downtimes and buffering take away from what would've been a great experience.

Your internet usage is different from the next household's as everyone has distinct needs for speed. This is why assessing your situation is critical before signing with any ISP. To do that, you need to know what pointers to look out for. Here are a few of them:

Pointers for choosing a broadband provider


An internet service provider, no matter its efficiency, is of no use to you if unavailable in your location. So, before you decide, outline the options available to you. Your location influences these options, as rural areas typically have fewer ISPs than their urban counterparts. However, with satellite, the available options have improved.


The technology the ISP uses for its connection matters extensively as it influences the quality of internet service you're likely to get. Presently, there are a few connection technologies on the market. These include:

  • ADSL

Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is an internet connection that uses copper telephone wires to transmit data at high bandwidths. It is the cheapest type of connection, and according to Openreach, it will be retired in January 2026. ADSL is synonymous with weak connections over far distances. The farther your house or office is from the telephone exchange, the weaker the internet signal you'll receive.

  • Cable

Cable-connected ISPs offer faster internet speeds than ADSL. However, its performance depends on weather conditions and the number of individuals or devices connected to your network. Cable broadbands are best for individuals who live alone, do not have heavy browsing patterns or don't work remotely.

  • Satellite

Satellite connected broadbands are widely available in the UK. They function by providing internet access via geostationary communication satellites. However, compared with the next technology, it comes off as slow.

  • Fibre optic

Optical fibres are responsible for the superfast (FTTC), hyperfast broadbands (FTTP and FTTH) and gigafast. They involve using fibre optic cables to transmit heavy loads of data over long distances at the speed of light. Fibre optic broadbands produce internet unaffected by weather factors because the transmission lines are buried underground. Thus, individuals and families can live out intense data transmission activities like virtual reality quests, online video gaming, and streaming and uploading rich content without interruption.

Download Speed

The broadband type and technology influence the download speed you receive from your ISP. Most service providers like TalkTalk and Sky offer different broadband packages with varying download speeds. Nevertheless, it's critical to choose speeds that match your browsing habits.


You don't need to purchase the services of an overly expensive broadband service provider if you can make do with a moderately priced one. The type of services you need affects the monthly cost of the internet. In essence, you'll have to factor in your unique situation. Are you an individual living alone, or do you have a house full of teenagers? Do you work from home, or are you starting a small business? In addition, the ISP's contractual terms also influence the cost. If you want affordability, go for the contracts with longer terms (18 months and above).


No one wants an ISP that isn't dependable. If you're a remote worker, reliable internet access is non-negotiable. Hence, check out their online reviews to determine your choices' dependability. You should limit your search to reviews from customers within your location, as this will help you grasp what their service would be like for you. Nevertheless, in today's environment, reliable internet typically uses fibre optic technologies as they're unaffected by weather constraints.

Customer service

A great internet service provider should make you feel valued. Because, let's face it, no matter the technology your provider uses, you're bound to experience some form of issues and may even need help to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi. Thus, customer service is a significant criterion for choosing your internet service provider, as you should always feel prioritised amid technical difficulties.


The security of your connection, data logs, and browsing history is critical when seeking a broadband provider. If the provider is notorious for compromising its user's confidentiality or failing to encrypt connections, it's not worth considering.

Now that you know what to look for in a broadband service provider let's meet the contenders that meet these criteria.

Sky Broadband

Sky broadband is a UK-based service offered by Sky UK, a British broadcasting and telecommunications company. It was founded after the purchase of EasyNet ISP in 2006 and now offers different broadband products from Superfast to Ultrafast and Gigafast. It uses technologies like fibre optic and ADSL2+, and as of 2017, the broadband company had over 6.1 million customers to its name. Sky broadband offers customers unparalleled products and services, permitting unlimited streams and data transfers.

TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk broadband is a telecom company which provides internet access services to consumers in the UK. It began as a telephone provider and was owned by Carphone Warehouse before it transitioned to broadband. As a subsidiary of the TalkTalk Group, TalkTalk broadband caters to over 4.2 million consumers in the UK. It offers various broadband packages like fibre and full fibre, which appeal to varying households.

Sky Broadband vs TalkTalk Broadband

To help you make an informed decision between both broadband service providers, a detailed comparison is necessary. This section will compare Sky and TalkTalk broadband on several metrics.

  • Broadband speed

The broadband technology determines its speed. Nevertheless, Sky and TalkTalk have distinct packages with varying broadband speeds.

Sky Broadband

For Sky Broadband, there are three categories. These include Superfast, Ultrafast and Gigafast, and the average download speeds of each category are 36Mbps, 145Mbps and 900Mbps, respectively. These broadband categories have average upload speeds of 9Mbps, 27Mbps and 90Mbps, respectively. Upon further expansion, here are the distinct speeds of each plan:

Plan Download speed Upload Speed
Superfast Broadband 3536Mbps 9Mbps
Sky Broadband Superfast59Mbps16Mbps
Ultrafast Broadband145Mbps27Mbps
Ultrafast Plus500Mbps60Mbps

TalkTalk Broadband

Like Sky Broadband, TalkTalk broadband offers different packages of varying broadband speeds. These packages include Fibre 65, Fibre 150, and Fibre 35, with average download speeds of 67Mbps, 145Mbps and 38Mbps, respectively. TalkTalk builds other broadband plans based on these categories. These are their full fibre options:

Plan Download Speed
Fibre 3538Mbps
Fibre 65 - Full Fibre77Mbps
Fibre 150 - Full Fibre152Mbps
Fibre 500 - Full Fibre525Mbps
Fibre 900 - Full Fibre944Mbps


From these tables, it's apparent that the highest TalkTalk Broadband plan exceeds that of Sky Broadband in download speed. In addition, a speed test analysis conducted on both broadbands proves that TalkTalk has a better speed range than Sky broadband.

  • Available services

Both broadband providers offer impressive services. With Sky broadband, users get the major UK channels as the broadband integrates with Sky TV. Thus, from Fox to MTV, SyFy and Sky's tv lineup, including Sky One, Sky Atlantic and Sky Arts, Sky broadband customers enjoy these channels.

On the other hand, with TalkTalk broadband, you'll receive the primary UK channels. However, you can it get to sync up several streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. TalkTalk also has a tv service called TalkTalk TV where you can watch your favourite shows. The TalkTalk TV 4k box comes with over 70 live channels, 30 streaming apps and voice control via Amazon's Alexa.

Nevertheless, any package outside of broadband is different and would require additional payment for both broadband providers.


Both Sky and TalkTalk broadband offer many services outside of broadband. While Sky's services include more television exclusivity packages, as in the case of series like House of the Dragon, which is exclusive to Sky, TalkTalk broadband has more diverse broadband bundles like the Homeworker broadband, etc. Hence, Sky offers more broadband services and potential than TalkTalk.

  • Security

Security is a vital criterion for choosing a broadband provider. Both Sky and TalkTalk claim their broadband is fortified with efficient security systems. Let's take a look.

Sky Broadband

This broadband uses Sky Broadband Shield, a set of tools that offer advanced protection. These tools include Safe Search, which works on all connected devices. Sky also offers a 12-month free McAfee Internet Security Suite trial and a watershed feature restricting explicit content with children. In addition, Sky's Broadband customers can also access Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots via the Sky Wi-Fi app. This grants them unrestricted access to cloud Wi-Fi hotspots within the country for up to six devices.

Despite all these security measures, Sky broadband faced a significant security breach in its routers in 2021. Over six million of these routers were affected by a software bug that compromised users' home networks. Although these risks have since been mitigated, they posed major issues as hackers could steal passwords, take over someone's online life, and steal banking information.

TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk offers several security features through its HomeSafe and Kid Safe systems. This system identifies and weeds out sketchy sites, unsafe networks and other indications of compromise from your network while protecting your kids from adult content. TalkTalk also offers its users an additional security option called Supersafe, which provides anti-virus protection for up to 10 connected devices on the network. TalkTalk's Supersafe costs an additional £4 a month, and it also secures passwords and helps you locate and wipe lost devices.

However, irrespective of these security options, from 2014 to 2015, TalkTalk broadband faced several hack attacks that exposed, stole and compromised customers' details. Even though the broadband provider has buffed up its security measures with data encryption and compliance with web security standards, it lost several clients.


Sky and TalkTalk broadband have taken hits to their security systems, but they're still standing and proffer increased security to clients. While Sky's Broadband Shield and TalkTalk's HomeSafe system are free or included in the subscription, TalkTalk's Supersafe is added to your broadband for £4 a month. Sky's security features are all freely offered, giving it an edge over TalkTalk Broadband. Also, Sky hasn't taken as many security hits as TalkTalk, which hints at its better security system.


The cost, deals and packages offered by different broadband providers vary, and this is when customers can capitalise on savings.

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband offers lots of great deals and packages. This broadband offers superfast, ultrafast, and gigafast broadband deals organised into different categories: TV, Glass, Sky Q, Broadband, Mobile and Business. These broadband packages have an 18-month minimum term. Here's what they offer and cost:

Type Monthly cost Set-up fee Added features Contract length
Superfast Broadband 35£28£19.95Sky Pay As You Talk18 months
Q Lite - Superfast Broadband & Sky Q£31£29.95250+ Freeview channels on Sky Q box and Sky Pay As You Talk18 months
Ultrafast£35£19.95Sky Pay As You Talk18 months
Ultrafast Plus£45£19.95Sky Pay As You Talk18 months
Gigafast£55£19.95Internet Calls18 months

Sky Broadband has other broadband and television packages which feature multiple channels. These deals come with free Netflix subscriptions, and they include:

Type Monthly cost Set-up fee Contract length Additional features
Sky Q, Sky TV, Netflix & Superfast Broadband£43£48.9518 months350+ channels, Netflix
Sky Glass, Sky TV, Netflix & Superfast Broadband£56£3918 months43” Sky Glass tv, £10 upfront fee, Free Sky Tv and Netflix for 3 months
Ultimate TV & Superfast Broadband£43£3918 months350+ channels, 100 not on Freeview, and Netflix.

TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk broadband offers similar deals and packages. These deals are organised into fibre and full fibre packages, which include superfast, ultrafast and gigafast broadbands. It's worth noting that TalkTalk Broadband doesn't charge customers anything in set-up fees. Here's what it offers:

Plan Monthly cost Additional features Contract length
Fibre 35 (Superfast)£24Easy self-set-up, free TalkTalk to TalkTalk calls24 months
Fibre 65£25 + £9.95 P&PEasy self-set-up, free TalkTalk to TalkTalk calls24 months
Fibre 65 Full Fibre£25Free expert install, pure broadband (data only)24 months
Fibre 150 Ultrafast£29.95 + £9.95 P&PFree expert install, free TalkTalk to TalkTalk calls24 months
Fibre 150 - Full Fibre£32Free P&P, Amazon eero 6 router, free RRP worth £99, data only24 months
Fibre 250 Ultrafast£39 +£9.95 P&PExpert install, unlimited data, online security24 months
Fibre 500 - Full Fibre£39Free P&P, Amazon eero Pro 6 mesh included free RRP £209, free expert install, data only.24 months
Fibre 900 - Full Fibre Gigafast£49Free P&P, Amazon eero Pro 6 (RRP £418), expert install, double coverage, data only.24 months


Using the entry-level broadband plans of both Sky and TalkTalk broadband, the Superfast Broadband 35 and the Fibre 35, respectively, there's a significant difference in the cost. While Sky charges £28 and offers a download speed of 36Mbps, TalkTalk offers 38Mbps for £24. So, TalkTalk wins the affordability crown.

Another competitive advantage of TalkTalk broadband is that it doesn't charge set-up fees. Also, while Sky Broadband's prices change as the term progresses, TalkTalk broadband offers fixed prices for the contract duration. TalkTalk's contractual terms range as they could be 12, 18 or 24 months.

Customer service

For broadband providers, efficient customer service should be non-negotiable. Customers should feel heard and valued and have their issues resolved in no time.

Sky Broadband

Sky capitalises on its award-winning customer service as it took home the gold award at the Choose Customer Service 2022 awards.

TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk also prides itself as a company with an award-winning customer experience after it took home Bronze at the UKCXA 2021.

Nevertheless, there are specific metrics that determine the customer service rating of a company. Here's an excerpt of Ofcom's Comparing Service Quality Report 2022.

Metric Sky TalkTalk
Satisfaction with service overall84%78%
Satisfaction with the speed of service82%73%
Customers with a reason to complain16%21%
Overall satisfaction with complaint handling54%43%
Ofcom complaints per 100,000 subscribers2175
Average call waiting in mm:ss2:171:02


From Ofcom's report, while TalkTalk outpaces Sky Broadband only in average call waiting time, Sky Broadband excels in the remaining metrics. Based on this report, it's apparent that Sky Broadband offers a better customer experience than TalkTalk.

Sky Vs TalkTalk Broadband At A Glance

Criteria Sky Broadband TalkTalk Broadband
Broadband SpeedLoserWinner
Available ServicesWinnerLoser
Customer ServiceWinnerLoser

Final Takeaway

Both Sky and TalkTalk broadbands are great options. However, if it's a question of a choice, Sky broadband takes the crown. Sky Broadband surpasses TalkTalk in more criteria, making it the obvious choice.

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Is TalkTalk Wi-Fi better than Sky?

Yes, in some metrics. For instance, TalkTalk offers faster Wi-Fi speeds than Sky.

How do I switch from TalkTalk to Sky?

Go to Sky Broadband's website to begin the process.

Can you use both Sky and TalkTalk broadband?

Both broadbands aren't often used complementarily, but they could work.

Plan Monthly cost Additional features Contract length
Fibre 35 (Superfast)£24Easy self-set-up, free TalkTalk to TalkTalk calls24 months
Fibre 65 £25 + £9.95 P&PEasy self-set-up, free TalkTalk to TalkTalk calls24 months
Fibre 65 Full Fibre £25Free expert install, pure broadband (data only)24 months
Fibre 150 Ultrafast£29.95 + £9.95 P&PFree expert install, free TalkTalk to TalkTalk calls24 months
Fibre 150 - Full Fibre £32Free P&P, Amazon eero 6 router, free RRP worth £99, data only24 months
Fibre 250 Ultrafast£39 +£9.95 P&PExpert install, unlimited data, online security24 months
Fibre 500 - Full Fibre£39Free P&P, Amazon eero Pro 6 mesh included free RRP £209, free expert install, data only. 24 months
Fibre 900 - Full Fibre Gigafast £49Free P&P, Amazon eero Pro 6 (RRP £418), expert install, double coverage, data only. 24 months