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The Ultimate KCOM Broadband Deals Guide

KCOM, previously known as Kingston Communications, provides full fibre (fibre-to-the-premises) broadband to homes and businesses throughout Hull and East Yorkshire. KCOM is actively expanding its coverage, so that it can provide full fibre broadband to more areas in Yorkshire.

KCOM began delivering its services to homes in Yorkshire in 2019, making it one of the first providers to offer full fibre broadband in the UK.

If you live in the city of Hull, also known as Kingston upon Hull, KCOM will be one of the only internet service providers that is available to you. Unfortunately, its packages aren’t the cheapest but its use of fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology makes its high prices worth it.

Types of KCOM Broadband Packages

KCOM has a wide range of broadband packages that offer download speeds ranging from 30Mbps all the way up to 900Mbps. All of KCOM’s deals have unlimited downloads, meaning that you can use the internet as you wish without having to worry about hitting an allowance each month.

Here are all of the broadband packages that KCOM can offer you:

Full Fibre Lite - 30Mbps

Full Fibre 100 - 100Mbps

Full Fibre 300 - 300Mbps

Full Fibre 500 - 500Mbps

Full Fibre 900 - 900Mbps

Full Fibre Lite

KCOM’s Full Fibre Lite package still uses full fibre and has average download speeds of 30Mbps. This makes it a great package for those who only use the internet occasionally on a couple of devices. With upload speeds of 5Mbps, you’ll also be able to carry out video calls on services such as FaceTime, Skype and Zoom.

Online gaming with this package is also possible, but it may not always bring you the smoothest gaming experience. If you’re a serious gamer, you should probably have a look at some of KCOM’s faster broadband packages.

Full Fibre 100

The Full Fibre 100 broadband plan is great for households with three or four people living together that all use the internet to carry out separate tasks simultaneously. You’ll be able to stream 4K quality videos, download large files, play online video games, or even work from home without suffering from any latency or buffering. With upload speeds of 30Mbps, your online gaming experience is likely to be pretty smooth as you’ll rarely face any latency issues.

This package will also allow you to have smart home devices such as security cameras, thermostats and smart speakers.

Full Fibre 300

KCOM states that its most popular Full Fibre 300 package is ‘perfect for families’ as it has an average download speed of 300Mbps which is excellent for large households that are incredibly internet hungry. This broadband package will allow households to use more than 10 devices at the same time and with average upload speeds of 75Mbps, many people will be able to play online video games at the same time.

Full Fibre 500

With lightning fast average download speeds of 500Mbps, if you want to, you’ll be able to comfortably stream ultra-HD quality video. This broadband plan is great for those who wish to download large files, play online video games, stream music and videos, and also use video calling sites such as Skype, Zoom and Facetime.

Full Fibre 900

This is the fastest broadband package that KCOM can offer you and it comes with average download speeds of 900Mbps and average upload speeds of 180Mbps. KCOM describes this package as ‘the ultimate package’ as it will never let you down, no matter how heavy your internet usage is.

KCOM Phone Packages

If you opt for a KCOM broadband deal, you’ll also have a selection of five types of phone package.

Below are the five phone packages that you can receive:

PAYG (Pay As You Go)

The PAYG (Pay As You Go) package comes as a standard with all KCOM packages and includes monthly line rental as well as unlimited local calls.

UK Landline

This package includes monthly line rental and Unlimited UK calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers, plus Free calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers*

All inclusive calls

The ‘All inclusive calls’ phone package includes a monthly line rental and free UK 24/7 calls (Including 0845, 0870 numbers)

International 1000

This home phone package is a monthly line rental that provides you with 1000 ‘Anytime’ minutes to 45 countries all over the world(Landlines Only)

Why Pick KCOM?

Limitless Broadband

All of the broadband packages offered by KCOM come with unlimited broadband, this means that you can use the internet as much as you like, without facing any extra charges.

Fibre-To-The-Premises (FTTP) Technology

All of KCOM’s broadband packages utilise the most modern technology to provide your internet connection straight to your home. Full fibre broadband uses a fibre optic connection all the way into your house, instead of stopping at the green street cabinet closest to you. By using some of the most sophisticated technology to date, KCOM is able to provide its customers with average download speeds of 900Mbps, if they opt for their most expensive broadband package.

Renewable Energy

All of the energy that is used in the provision of KCOM's full fibre broadband is from renewable energy sources.


KCOM has a ‘MyTech’ service desk in their shop on Carr Lane. You can go here if you experience any problems with your technology and KCOM’s experts will try their best to resolve any issues that you may have. You can call 01482 606101 and book an appointment.

Flex Packages

KCOM offers support to those on Universal Credit through ‘Flex Packages’. Flex Packages come with a price cap, which allows those who are on low incomes to stay on top of their phone and broadband bills. However, certain criteria have to be met in order to qualify for a Flex Package.


How much is KCOM Broadband?

Due to its use of fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology, the broadband packages offered by KCOM are quite pricey.

Here are the prices of the packages that KCOM provide:

24-month contract

Full Fibre Lite - £29.99

Full Fibre 100 - £39.99

Full Fibre 300 - £49.99

Full Fibre 500 - £59.99

Full Fibre 900 - £69.99

Does KCOM offer broadband-only deals?

Unfortunately, KCOM does not offer broadband-only deals because it requires a phone line to work.

Is there an installation fee with KCOM broadband?

With all of KCOM’s broadband products there is a £25 installation fee**.**

How long does it take to install KCOM broadband?

Usually, the installation process will take around seven to fourteen days. After you’ve placed an order with KCOM, a date for an engineer to visit your home and install your broadband will be arranged. The engineer visit will take no more than two to three hours.

Is KCOM Broadband in my area?

KCOM’s services are not available nationwide, so it’s likely that if you don’t live in Hull, you won’t be able to get any of KCOM’s broadband services. However, if you live in the Yorkshire or Lincolnshire area and KCOM’s broadband packages aren't yet available to your address, you can register your interest in KCOM’s broadband services and, if the local demand for their services is high, KCOM will bring their services to your postcode.

If you’d like to know whether KCOM’s broadband packages are available to your home or not, simply enter your address into our tool at the top of this page.