Best Virgin Media Fibre Deals in the UK

Top Virgin Media Fibre Deals

Virgin Media is best known as a British telecommunications company that delivers unmatched ultrafast broadband speeds in the United Kingdom. While it might have been founded in 2007, Virgin Media’s origins date back to the 1980s, when it was a cable television provider. A few decades down the line, Virgin Media has transformed into a reputable internet service provider that offers services like digital television, broadband internet, fixed line and mobile telephony to its customers.

Virgin Media offers bundled and unbundled fibre broadband plans like its competitors. We’ll be highlighting these Virgin fibre deals. 

Virgin Media Fibre Broadband Features

Virgin Media prides itself as the UK’s fastest broadband provider. It boasts speeds 16x faster than BT and Sky. This provider’s fibre broadband plans resonate between the Superfast, Ultrafast and Gigafast broadband types. Virgin Media has several features that make it unique. First, it uses its cable broadband infrastructure to make connections, unlike its competitors, who rely on the Openreach network. 

 A consumer-favourite feature of Virgin media is its extensive bundling options, as clients can combine pre-designed broadband and TV services into a comprehensive package. Virgin Media also allows clients to design their bundle plans by selecting the services they want. 

Virgin Media’s fibre broadband is deployed via FTTC technology. However, as opposed to other providers who use part optical fibre and part copper cables for this broadband type, Virgin media deploys a part optical fibre and part TV cable connection. Using the TV cable for the last stretch gives this provider an edge as it makes connections faster and is more reliable than traditional copper cables. 

Despite these fantastic features, the competitive advantage of Virgin Media is its no-landline requirement, as customers aren’t required to take on a landline to access the internet. Thus, its broadband-only plans are available on all broadband types.

Virgin Fibre Broadband Deals

All Virgin Media’s fibre internet packages use a fibre-optic connection (FTTC). This provider isn’t yet equipped to handle full-fibre broadband connections (FTTP), but it hopes to upgrade its cable network to a cutting-edge FTTP connection by 2028. 

Nevertheless, Virgin Media offers fibre broadband packages with an extensive range of speeds. Consumers can get speeds from entry-level 50Mbps to lightning speeds of 1130Mbps. Here are Virgin Media’s fibre broadband packages:

  1. M50: The M50 is Virgin’s entry-level fibre broadband package. It offers average download speeds of 54Mbps and is primarily available as a broadband-only or as part of a TV bundle plan. However, for an entry-level package, the Virgin M50 fibre broadband offers better speeds than BT or Sky. It is also more expensive than either.
  2. M100: Virgin Media’s M100 broadband plan offers download speeds of 108Mbps and can be bundled with a phone line.
  3. M200: The M200 by Virgin Media is ideal for gamers as it averages a download speed of 213Mbps. The customer can bundle this plan with a phone line or TV. 
  4. M350: This plan caters to households that often stream online content. At 362Mbps, customers can bundle the Virgin Media M350 plan with either TV or phone services. 
  5. M500: Virgin Media’s M500 fibre broadband plan offers mind-blowing speeds of 516Mbps and can be bundled as needed
  6. Gig1: The Gig1 broadband plan by Virgin Media is unrivalled as the fastest broadband plan in the UK, surpassing BT’s 900Mbps full fibre plan. This plan offers an average download speed of 1130Mbps, and while most homes don’t need this much speed, it is lag and buffering-proof. 


Virgin Media soars as opposed to providers like BT or Sky, which have average download speeds of 67Mbps and 59Mbps, respectively. This provider has an average download speed of 516Mbps and offers the fastest fibre optic plans in the United Kingdom.