Best Truespeed Fibre Deals in the UK

Top Truespeed Fibre Deals

Truespeed is an internet service provider in the UK dedicated to providing full-fibre broadband connections in the rural areas of South West England. With its FTTP broadband technology, Truespeed offers its customers fast and reliable internet connections. This provider hopes to serve about 500,000 properties in the South West by 2026 and is doing a fantastic job.

Here’s all you need to know about Truespeed Fibre broadband.

Truespeed Full Fibre Broadband Plans

Truespeed offers full fibre broadband plans to its clients. These plans could be for a home or business. The significant difference between both offerings is that Truespeed business broadband offers two telephone lines while its home broadband offers one. Hence, a VoIP solution would suffice if you require more than two telephone lines.

Truespeed Fibre Broadband Features

Truespeed’s fibre broadband has unique features like:

  • Full fibre connections: Truespeed’s broadband plans are 100% full fibre. They are deployed via FTTP technology and guarantee speed and reliability.
  • Symmetrical speeds: Truespeed offers symmetrical upload and download speeds. This means users can upload as fast as they download.
  • Free phone lines: Truespeed offers free phone lines on all its fibre broadband plans. However, its plans do not require a landline for internet access.
  • Free installation: Truespeed offers its customers free installations on all broadband plans.
  • Unlimited downloads: Users can download and upload as much as they want, as Truespeed offers unlimited downloads as a standard.
  • Contractual terms: Compared to its competitors, which offer 18-36 month plans, Truespeed offers broadband plans with 12-month terms.
  • Limited availability: Although its rollout is still in progress, Truespeed is only available in a handful of locations in the South West of England.
  • Bundled plans: Truespeed only offers free phone line connections as an add-on for its home broadband plans. This provider doesn’t offer TV packages, and individuals who prefer a cohesive bundle are advised to seek another provider.

Truespeed Home Broadband Plans

Truespeed’s home broadband plans include the following:

  • Truespeed 150: This plan offers 150Mbps up and down speeds. It’s ideal for medium-sized households with moderate browsing patterns.
  • Truespeed 300: With a 300Mbps average download speed, the Truespeed 300 full fibre broadband plan is great for households who love streaming content simultaneously on multiple devices.
  • Truespeed 600: The Truespeed 600 is a high-value plan that offers 600Mbps up and down speed. It is great for families with robust browsing patterns and can handle heavy streaming.
  • Truespeed 900: Truespeed’s 900 plan offers mindblowing speeds up to 900Mbps. It’s ideal for every type of internet-related activity and guarantees reliability.

Truespeed Business Broadband Plans

Truespeed offers great business plans which are somewhat identical to the home plans. They include the following:

  • Business SME 150
  • Business SME 300
  • Business SME 600
  • Business SME 900.

These plans offer their suggestive average download speeds. Other differences between Truespeed’s home and business plans are that the latter offers service-level agreements and fixed IP addresses while the former doesn’t.


Truespeed full fibre broadband bridges the gap between high-speed internet and affordability. This provider is setting the pace in the South West of England by offering its services to more isolated communities. With its service quality as a competitive advantage, Truespeed full-fibre broadband is bound to soar.