Best Trooli Broadband-Only Deals in the UK

Top Trooli Broadband-Only Deals

Trooli has recorded several strides in its operations since its inception as a full-fibre broadband provider. This provider boasts of connecting over 220,000 households and hopes to reach the one million mark in 2024. Trooli offers several full-fibre, high-speed broadband packages to households and businesses in selected areas of South England. Since no user wants to pay for additional services, especially when they have no intention of using them, several enquiries have been made about the Trooli broadband-only service.

Here’s all you need to know about the broadband-only deal by Trooli

Trooli Broadband-Only Service

A broadband-only service is quite different from a fibre plan. While a fibre plan may include add-ons like TV or call packages bundled to create a cohesive broadband plan, a broadband-only service is independent of such packages. Such service is 100% broadband, and users only pay for broadband internet.

Knowing the broadband type or deployment technology is imperative when choosing a broadband-only service. Broadband providers that deploy their connections via ADSL or FTTC require users to possess phone lines to access the internet. Providers like Trooli that offer full-fibre connections via FTTP do not need phone lines, as connections run directly to the intended premises. Thus, Trooli’s full-fibre broadband service is broadband-only by default.

With Trooli’s full-fibre broadband offerings, a landline or phone line is completely optional as you don’t have to pay for landline rental if you don’t need one. However, this option is left open for users who want to bundle their broadband plans with a call plan. Trooli’s home phone service grants users three call plans which could be:

  • Line only, where users are on a pay-as-you-go plan.
  • Unlimited weekend and evening calls to UK landline numbers.
  • Unlimited anytime calls to UK landline numbers.

Disclaimer: Trooli doesn’t offer TV packages. Individuals sold on Trooli’s broadband services but require TV packages will have to outsource that requirement to another provider.

Trooli Broadband Plans

Trooli offers two sets of full-fibre broadband packages to its users. These packages could be Residential or Business, and their plans reference their respective download speeds.

  • 300 Mbps: This plan offers a download speed of 300 Mbps and is ideal for various streaming activities.
  • 500 Mbps: With 500 Mbps average download speeds, the world is your oyster.
  • 900 Mbps: While not many people may require a mind-blowing download speed of 900 Mbps, Trooli offers this plan for the select few that do.

These Trooli full-fibre broadband plans vary between residential and business packages, with a notable distinction being that the business plans offer symmetrical speeds, whereas the residential plans offer symmetrical speeds while the residential packages do not. Also, the business package charges VAT, while the residential package doesn’t. Hence, businesses or residents can get Trooli full-fibre broadband plans without a landline.

Trooli is a relatively new independent broadband provider specialising in ultrafast FTTP broadband. Its mainstream availability in the UK is limited as the provider’s broadband services are present in a handful of South England locations like Berkshire, East Sussex, Kent, etc. Although this provider doesn’t offer television packages, its phone line plans are optional as they don’t require a landline.


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