Best Three Broadband-Only Deals in the UK

Top Three Broadband-Only Deals

Launched in 2003 as a British telecommunications and internet service provider, Three UK offers home and mobile broadband services to UK residents and businesses. Although it started as the country's first commercial 3G network and is best known as a former Chelsea FC sponsor, Three has risen to become the UK's fourth-largest mobile network provider with an extensive client base of over 9.5 million. This broadband provider has unique offerings. One offering worth exploring is the Three broadband-only services.

Here's what you need to know about Three's broadband-only offerings.

Three Broadband-Only

A broadband-only service is independent of add-ons like a television or call package. An ideal broadband-only service features 100% pure broadband and is void of a phone line and its additional charges. However, broadband-only offerings are influenced by the broadband's deployment method.

For instance, broadband providers that deploy internet signals via ADSL and fibre (FTTC) connections require a phone line for internet access.

On the other hand, providers that use FTTP are broadband-only by default.

Three's broadband-only service is unique from the rest. First, unlike other providers that use optical fibre cables and traditional copper wires, Three's internet connection is deployed wirelessly via 4G and 5G technology. Thus, Three's deployment method eliminates the need for a landline, and its broadband plans automatically become broadband-only.

Therefore, there are no landline rental fees on any Three broadband plan, making it more affordable in the long run. However, Three provides inclusive options for customers who want to keep their landlines for reasons best known to them.

Disclaimer: Three UK doesn't offer television packages. Hence, individuals sold on Three UK might have to outsource their television necessities to other providers.

Three Broadband-Only Plans

Three's broadband plans are the same as its broadband-only or 'broadband without a landline' plans. They are grouped into the following:

  • Three home broadband
  • Three mobile broadband

Three Home Broadband

Three's home broadband plans include its 4G and 5G broadband deals.

The Three 4G home broadband can connect 64 devices max without lag. It also comes with unlimited data and doesn't require a landline. Three's 4G home broadband users can experience download speeds from 50Mbps to 600Mbps. Thus, it is ideal for several internet-based activities.

Three's 5G home broadband plan permits 4K streaming. With superfast speeds between 100Mbps and 1Gbps, there's no limit to what users can do. Three's 5G home broadband plan also offers unlimited data and near-instant downloads. The provider makes this plan half-off for the first six months to incentivise its subscription.

Three Mobile Broadband

Three's mobile broadband features a rechargeable mobile WiFi device or MiFi, which you can carry wherever you go. Three's MiFi replaced its mobile broadband dongles. It can connect up to 10 devices and is the ideal option for individuals travelling for work or needing a temporary solution to their connectivity issues.

Disclaimer: Other mobile broadband services that Three offers include the Three data-only SIMS, which subscribers can use for mobile hotspot tethering.


Three UK is a reputable home and mobile broadband provider specialising in 4G and 5G connections. This broadband's exciting range of unique features and advantages over fibre and ADSL have made it increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. Therefore, as the fourth-largest mobile network provider, Three has captured this market.