Best TalkTalk Fibre Deals in the UK

Top TalkTalk Fibre Deals

TalkTalk Telecom Group, trading as TalkTalk, is a British telecommunication company that provides services like pay television and internet connectivity to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2003, this company has witnessed strides in its operations. Although it began as a fixed-line telephony provider, it has expanded to mobile telephony, digital television and broadband services. 

Like its competitors, TalkTalk has several fibre broadband services that it offers its consumers. Here’s all you need to know about TalkTalk fibre. 

TalkTalk Fibre Packages (Bundled)

TalkTalk’s fibre packages could be broadband only or bundled with TV and phone services. Besides the standard PAYG calls that accompany all TalkTalk fibre deals, consumers look forward to add-ons like unlimited UK calls, International Max and TalkTalk TV. 

TalkTalk Fibre Broadband

TalkTalk’s add-ons and boosts can be appended to any TalkTalk fibre optic internet plan. These fibre-optic plans could be TalkTalk Fibre or TalkTalk Full Fibre. The difference between both is in their technology or mode of deployment. TalkTalk fibre uses fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technology, which depicts optical fibres and copper wires. On the other hand, TalkTalk Full Fibre is deployed via fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology and uses only optical fibres in its connections. 

TalkTalk Fibre

TalkTalk’s fibre broadband plans include the following:

  • Fibre 35: This plan allows streaming on three to five devices and offers an average download speed of 38Mbps on its included WiFi hub. TalkTalk’s Fibre 35 plan also offers free TalkTalk to TalkTalk calls and costs £24 a month.
  • Fibre 65: TalkTalk’s fibre 65 broadband plan allows streaming on over five devices and offers a 67Mbps average download speed on its included WiFi hub. Users of this plan also get free TalkTalk to TalkTalk calls and are charged a monthly fee of £25 and £9.95 P&P.
  • Fibre 150: The TalkTalk fibre 150 costs £29.95 a month and has a P&P charge of £9.95. This plan offers consumers streaming abilities on over ten devices, download speeds of 145Mbps, free TalkTalk to Talk Talk calls, a WiFi hub and is installed by an expert. 
  • Fibre 250: The fibre 250 plan by TalkTalk is ideal for over 15 devices. It comes with unlimited data and online security, download speeds of 290Mbps and all the other features of the Fibre 150. 

TalkTalk Full Fibre

The full fibre plans from TalkTalk are way faster than the fibre broadband plans. They include the following: 

  • Fibre 65: With an average download speed of 77Mbps and £25 per month, the TalkTalk full fibre 65 is the most affordable plan with full fibre benefits. It is data only and comes with a WiFi hub which you can use with 5+ devices. 
  • Fibre 150: For £32 a month and free P&P, customers can get 100% full fibre directly to their homes. This plan offers an average download speed of 152Mbps, comes with an Amazon eero 6 router, expert installation and doesn’t require a phone line. 
  • Fibre 500: TalkTalk’s full fibre 500 broadband plan is 13x faster than the standard fibre plan. At £39 a month, it offers pure broadband, 535Mbps download speed, free P&P, and an Amazon eero pro 6 router. 
  • Fibre 900: This is the height of internet speed. The TalkTalk full fibre 900 plan is 24x faster than a standard fibre plan. This plan offers 944Mbps download speeds, unlimited home WiFi with an Amazon eero pro 6 router, pure broadband and double coverage. 


TalkTalk is a reputable internet and broadband provider in the UK, which offers affordable plans, increased speeds, package versatility and quality service to its 4.2 million UK customers. Its affordability is its competitive advantage and the reason why consumers flock. 


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