Best Sky Fibre Deals in the UK

Top Sky Fibre Deals

Founded in 1990 as British Sky Broadcasting, Sky UK is a telecommunications and broadcasting company that caters to a vast market. With over three decades in business, this provider is best known for its high-definition television broadcasting. However, in 2005, Sky ventured into the broadband niche. Presently, the company offers broadband internet, fixed line, satellite and mobile telephone services to its millions of customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Sky is a reputable service provider and ranks second after BT as the UK’s largest internet provider. 

Sky fibre broadband packages

Sky fibre uses optical fibre cables to transmit high-speed internet via light pulses. This technology has been applied to broadband connections which previously used copper wires for high-bandwidth transmissions. Today, Sky’s fibre-delivered broadband package has three divisions: 

  • Superfast
  • Ultrafast 
  • Gigafast 

The Superfast division uses FTTC connections, while Ultrafast and Gigafast deploy FTTP. Each of these broadband divisions has different offerings, but they’re not all readily available. Sky’s Superfast broadband is the most common type in the UK. Although Openreach, the network on which Sky operates, is working on it, the availability of Ultrafast and Gigafast is still limited to urban areas. However, one in four homes can now get this broadband type.

Sky fibre features

Bundled plans: Sky offers its customers bundled plans that feature multiple services. You can get TV, broadband, landline and mobile phone services in one plan for a single monthly fee. This is available in plans like Q Lite, Sky Glass-Sky TV-Netflix & Ultrafast broadband, etc. Sky also allows customers to personalise their bundled plans. 

Flexibility: Sky’s fibre plans are very flexible and inclusive, as they can accommodate households with varying browsing patterns and internet usage. Also, Sky’s internet has extra features like bolt-ons, broadband boost and WiFi guarantee, which you can add or remove as needed. 

Affordability: There’s something for every price point with Sky internet plans. Sky’s broadband prices are not only affordable, but they are also the cheaper option when trying to access the Sky Q box with all its television plans. 

Contractual length: Sky’s fibre broadband plans range from 18 to 24 months, and customers can access some services, like Netflix or Disney Plus, on demand. However, an 18-month minimum contract length might not appeal to everyone and individuals who want shorter terms might not get that with Sky. 

Advantages of Sky fibre

As one of the UK’s most popular fibre-optic broadband providers, Sky has its perks. A few of them include the following:

  • Customer service: Sky is an award-winning internet provider in the customer service department. Sky is so revered for its customer service that it took home the gold award at the Choose Customer Service 2022 awards and outranked TalkTalk at the Ofcom Comparing Service Quality Report of 2022.
  • High-speed internet: Sky’s FTTP and FTTH plans offer a high-speed internet connection. Customers can smoothly download and upload content hassle-free as this provider offers internet speeds that can handle the browsing demands of most households. 
  • Free WiFi: Using Sky’s FTTP or FTTH plans gives you free and unlimited access to public WiFi hotspots through the Cloud. Thus, customers can freely enjoy their favourite internet-based activities, like movie streaming. 
  • Reliability: With Sky’s fibre and full-fibre plans, customers can access the internet from any room within their household. Sky’s WiFi Guarantee feature facilitates this perk. 

Disclaimer: Sky’s setup fees differ from the Sky broadband cost, and these fees are relatively higher than other service providers. 


Sky offers a cohesive internet plan that accommodates various households’ browsing patterns and entertainment needs. Its major pro is its Sky TV bundle plan which grants customers over 250 free-to-air channels.