Best Sky Broadband-Only Deals in the UK

Top Sky Broadband-Only Deals

Sky UK is a British broadcasting and telecommunications company that’s existed since 1990. With over three decades in operation, Sky has garnered an extensive client base featuring millions of individuals in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

This company is best known for its television broadcasting but has pitched a tent in phone and internet connectivity services like broadband. Sky’s broadband service has led to consumer questions like ‘Can you have Sky broadband without a landline?’ or ‘Do you need a phone line for Sky broadband?’ Here’s what you need to know about Sky’s broadband-only offering. 

Sky broadband-only services

Broadband-only services differ from fibre-connected internet services because they only feature internet connections and are supposed to be void of landlines, phone lines or television connectivity. Hypothetically, this implies that if you purchase a Sky broadband-only package, you will not be able to make calls via a landline or home phone, even if you have one. However, this isn’t the case with Sky. 

Sky has many bundled plans, including television, Netflix or landline features. While this provider offers broadband on its own via its broadband-only internet plans, customers will require a phone or landline if they want to access this connection. However, there is no default charge on the phone line. If the customers don’t make calls on it, they won’t be charged for the landline, but if they do, they’ll be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

Sky’s broadband-only services require landlines or phone lines only if the broadband is fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) or ADSL. According to this provider, ‘If your broadband uses fibre, we will set up your hub via a normal master phone socket, but if it uses Full Fibre, we will use an optical network terminal for setups instead.’ Thus, if you’re on specific Standard, Superfast, or Ultrafast fibre plans from Sky, you will require a phone line to access the broadband’s connectivity. However, with Sky’s new launch of the Ultrafast full-fibre (Ultrafast Plus) and Gigafast offers via Openreach’s full-fibre network, the phone line requirement will cease as connections are transmitted directly to your home.

Nevertheless, the rollout of Sky’s full-fibre broadband is still in progress, and currently, not every location has access to it. 

Disclaimer: If they choose to make calls, customers on Sky’s full-fibre broadband will use Sky Talk’s internet calls instead of a traditional phone socket. 

Sky fibre packages

As previously explained, Sky’s fibre broadband packages could be FTTC or FTTP (full fibre). They include the following:

Superfast: This is Sky’s entry-level fibre broadband package. Sky Superfast Broadband 35 has an average download speed of 36Mbps, while Sky Superfast Broadband operates with a 59Mbps download speed. Sky customers with either Superfast broadband type can use full-fibre technology if available in their location. 

Ultrafast: The Ultrafast broadband from Sky could be Sky Ultrafast, which has a download speed of 145Mbps or Sky Ultrafast Plus, with a download speed of 500Mbps. Customers with Sky Ultrafast can only use full fibre if available in their location, but Sky Ultrafast Plus customers are provided with full fibre as standard. 

Gigafast: Sky Gigafast broadband is the future of internet connectivity. With an average download speed of 900Mbps, the possibilities are limitless. Customers with Sky Gigafast can seamlessly use the Sky broadband-only feature without needing phone lines. 


In conclusion, Sky’s broadband-only feature will require a phone line if the client uses a broadband plan with FTTC or ADSL. However, clients with full-fibre Sky broadband packages, like the Sky Ultrafast Plus or Gigafast (FTTH), do not require phone lines to access connections because the connection is deployed via an optical network terminal.