Best Shell Energy Broadband-Only Deals in the UK

Top Shell Energy Broadband-Only Deals

You might know Shell Energy as an electricity and gas supplier in the UK. This company offers broadband services too, which are exquisite. Shell Energy broadband services feature broadband plans of varying download speeds and costs. The extensive price range and speeds permit individuals of different budgets to choose broadband plans that are better suited to their internet needs. These plans could come bundled with phone packages or be independent of such add-ons (broadband-only). This piece highlights all you need to know about Shell Energy Broadband plans and its broadband-only offerings.

Shell Energy Broadband Properties

Shell’s broadband services have the following unique features:

  • Technology diversity: Shell Energy deploys ADSL, FTTC and FTTP technology for its broadband services. These technologies use 100% copper cables, part-cable part-fibre optics, and 100% full-fibre connections. Thus, they offer different levels of speed and convenience, and Shell Energy allows customers to select their broadband preferences based on their needs.
  • Unlimited usage: Shell Energy broadband doesn’t have a download cap, as users are given unlimited usage of all plans. This means they can download, stream and upload to their heart’s content without worrying about charges or downtime.
  • Bonuses: Shell Energy broadband plans offer several bonuses to its users. These bonuses include fuel discounts at Shell gas stations, Shell Go+, shop vouchers and three months of free broadband usage. Shell Energy knows how to woo its customers, which is why many UK residents flock to it.
  • Free setup: Shell Energy doesn’t charge users for broadband setups and installations. However, there’s an exception to this rule if you need a new phone line installed.

Shell Energy Broadband-Only Service

A broadband-only service is ideally independent of other deals like phone lines or television packages. It is 100% broadband and permits users to only pay for the internet service they use and receive. Other broadband providers have broadband-only plans that fit this description, but that of Shell Energy is quite different.

Based on this description of a broadband-only service, the Shell Energy broadband-only service differs depending on the broadband plan. For instance, the Shell Fast, Superfast and Ultrafast broadband packages all require phone lines for internet access. This is because they use either ADSL or FTTC connections. Hence, a broadband-only deal for these packages will still include a phone line as it is a necessity. However, there’s a pay-as-you-go clause on this phone line.

For Shell’s full-fibre broadband plans, the FTTP technology at which it is deployed negates the need for a phone line. This makes all Shell full-fibre broadband plans broadband-only by default. However, the provider offers extensive call packages like Anytime Plus, International and Evening and Weekend Plus, that users can bundle with broadband plans.

Unlike other internet service providers, which offer TV packages for customers who want cohesive plans, Shell Energy doesn’t offer such packages. Hence, users who require television bundles will have to seek another provider.

Disclaimer: Shell Energy Full Fibre isn’t available in all London locations. Check availability before purchasing.


Shell Energy is making its mark in the broadband niche. This provider is a major contender in the UK broadband space, especially with its affordable plans, mouth-watering bonuses, and excellent service quality.