Best NOW Broadband-Only Deals in the UK

Top NOW Broadband-Only Deals

You might know NOW from its TV memberships, but the company has since expanded to the broadband niche. NOW broadband has become a great contender for great value budget broadband services in the United Kingdom. With its moderate-speed internet and bundled television and calls packages, NOW broadband offers its customers cohesive broadband plans with which they can facilitate their lifestyle.

NOW broadband has its offerings, but not many clients want to pay for the additional features it offers, especially when they have no intention of using it. Such clients long for a broadband-only option. So, does NOW broadband offer such a service? Does a NOW broadband-only package exist? Let’s find out.

NOW Broadband Plans

Before we dive into NOW broadband-only, let’s highlight some of the typical broadband plans offered by NOW. These plans include the following:

  1. Brilliant Broadband: NOW brilliant broadband is the provider’s sole ADSL broadband and cheapest plan. It is solely deployed via copper telephone wires and is affected by weather factors, distance, and age. This plan offers an average download speed of 11Mbps, and its pricing includes a landline rental and unlimited downloads.
  2. Fab Fibre: Fab Fibre is NOW’s entry-level fibre broadband plan. It is deployed with a part optical fibre and part copper wire connection and offers an average download speed of 36Mbps. Thus, it’s ideal for small households.
  3. Super Fibre: The NOW Super Fibre plan builds on the features of the Fab Fibre. It offers a 63Mbps download speed and is great for medium-sized households or individuals with moderate browsing patterns.

NOW Broadband-Only

An ideal broadband-only package by a provider is 100% broadband. Such a package is exclusive of additional features, add-ons, or plans, and users of such packages only pay for the broadband internet they receive. While the broadband-only plans of some providers match this description, that of NOW broadband doesn’t.

Firstly, NOW broadband’s broadband-only package doesn’t exist because the provider deploys its broadband via copper telephone wires and FTTC connections. Hence, because of this deployment mode, all NOW broadband plans are accompanied by landline rentals as they are imperative to access the internet. Therefore, there cannot be a NOW broadband plan without a landline or phone line, so the concept of a broadband-only plan that excludes a landline doesn’t exist with this provider.

Nevertheless, clients who do not use the landline or phone line for calls will not be charged extra.

NOW Broadband Add-Ons

Now broadband offers its clients several TV memberships and call packages with which they can have a cohesive broadband plan with the most basic entertainment needs. These add-ons include the following:

  • NOW TV: NOW broadband users can easily add NOW TV memberships to their internet plan. This service allows users to enjoy SKY content without installing a satellite dish. NOW offers four NOW TV memberships which include; Entertainment, Sport, Cinema, and HAYU. Users can choose their preference and bundle it with their broadband plan.
  • Calls: Since a phone line is a non-negotiable feature with NOW broadband, users can receive calls as much as they want. However, the provider has a pay-as-you-go policy for its call packages, which could be for evenings, weekends, or anytime and to other UK landlines and mobiles.


NOW is an award-winning broadband provider known for its great-value plans and flexible contractual terms. Its flexible TV bundles, call plans, and no credit checks are this provider’s competitive advantage. While it may not offer the fastest broadband, NOW has proven its credibility in the broadband niche.