Best NOW Broadband Fibre Deals in the UK

Top NOW Broadband Fibre Deals

NOW is best known for its subscription-based internet television service, which Sky operates. The NOW parent company has since delved into the broadband niche with its NOW Broadband subsidiary, which is becoming a worthy contender in the United Kingdom.

NOW broadband offers several fibre broadband services and cohesive plans, which its customers love. From TV bundles to call plans and fast broadband, NOW broadband is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Here’s what you need to know about NOW broadband fibre.

NOW Broadband Deals

NOW broadband offers affordable ADSL and fibre broadband packages, which require phone lines for internet accessibility. This is because its ADSL broadband uses 100% copper telephone wires while its fibre broadband deploys a part copper wire and part optical fibre connection. For this reason, a typical NOW broadband deal and its potential broadband-only offering cannot exclude a phone line or landline rental.

NOW broadband deals include the following plans:

  1. Brilliant Broadband: NOW brilliant broadband is the provider’s sole ADSL broadband and cheapest plan. It is solely deployed via copper telephone wires and is affected by weather factors, distance, and age. This plan offers an average download speed of 11Mbps, and its pricing includes a landline rental and unlimited downloads.
  2. Fab Fibre: Fab Fibre is NOW’s entry-level fibre broadband plan. It is deployed with a part optical fibre and part copper wire connection and offers an average download speed of 36Mbps. Thus, it’s ideal for small households.
  3. Super Fibre: The NOW Super Fibre plan builds on the features of the Fab Fibre. It offers 63Mbps download speed and is great for medium-sized households or individuals with moderate browsing patterns.

NOW Broadband Features

The features of a typical NOW broadband deal include the following:

  1. No credit checks: Some broadband providers insist on credit checks before accepting one as a customer, but not NOW broadband. If you already have a NOW TV account, you can include its broadband service as an additional feature.
  2. No activation fee: NOW broadband doesn’t charge customers installation or activation fees.
  3. Bundled deals: NOW broadband customers can easily bundle their broadband with TV and calls packages for a comprehensive plan. The provider offers mouth-watering discounts for such customers.
  4. Internet speed: NOW Broadband offers ADSL and fibre broadband plans while its competitors have advanced to full-fibre connections. Thus, the broadband speed offered by NOW cannot compete with that of FTTP broadband providers.
  5. Unlimited Broadband: NOW Broadband permits users to download as they please as it offers unlimited broadband, which isn’t subject to traffic management.
  6. Contract length: NOW broadband offers 12-month broadband contracts. Users can also subscribe to a 30-day rolling plan.
  7. No contract: NOW broadband also offers a no-contract option, which users who don’t want to commit can freely cancel without penalties. However, NOW broadband’s no-contract plan comes with an activation fee.


NOW broadband might be a subsidiary of NOW TV owned by SKY, but as a broadband provider, NOW is creating its path. While it may not offer the fastest speeds, NOW broadband has great plans that are ideal for individuals and households with moderate browsing patterns. As a NOW TV subsidiary, NOW broadband users can expect comprehensive viewing channels and call plans with the provider’s bundled deals.