Best KCOM Fibre Deals in the UK

Top KCOM Fibre Deals

KCOM is a subsidiary of KCOM Group, a UK communication and IT service provider. This subsidiary is known for its full-fibre broadband offerings in Hull, which isn’t serviced by BT landlines for historical reasons. KCOM is one of Hull’s largest broadband providers; some might say it’s the city’s unanimous broadband provider. Besides full-fibre connections, this provider offers its clients ADSL and FTTC broadband.

Here’s what you need to know about KCOM broadband.

KCOM Broadband Features

KCOM prides itself on its full-fibre broadband offering, which is deployed via FTTH/FTTP technology. These offerings have the following features:

  1. Contract length: KCOM offers its users a minimum of 24-month broadband contracts. However, the provider may have 30-day contracts for clients who don’t want to commit.
  2. Renewable energy: The broadband offerings by KCOM come from renewable energy sources. This makes KCOM a clean energy broadband provider.
  3. Fast speeds: KCOM’s full-fibre broadband has lightning-fast speeds that remain unaffected by weather, distance, or age. This makes KCOM one of the UK’s fastest and most reliable broadband providers.
  4. Unlimited broadband: KCOM offers its customers unlimited broadband, allowing them to use the internet however they like without traffic management or data caps.
  5. Asymmetrical speeds: Like several providers, KCOM offers broadband with asymmetrical speeds. As expected, the download speed is always higher than the upload speed, allowing users to download faster than they upload.
  6. Subsidised packages: KCOM offers subsidised options for some of its broadband packages. These packages are called ‘Flex,’ and they are accompanied by a price cap through which low-income earners can stay atop their phone and internet bills.
  7. Bundled plans: KCOM offers home phone options that users can bundle with broadband for a comprehensive plan.
  8. Limited availability: KCOM is only available in Hull and its environs. Individuals outside these locations should seek other providers.
  9. Cost: KCOM broadband deals aren’t the most cost-effective and might be pricey for some. However, this is where the provider’s subsidised Flex packages come in.

KCOM Fibre Packages

While KCOM provides Hull and its surrounding areas with ADSL, VDSL, and FTTH broadband internet and telephone services, it’s the provider’s full-fibre packages that it hoists on its website. These KCOM full-fibre packages include the following:

  1. Full Fibre Lite: This is KCOM’s entry-level full-fibre broadband plan. It offers a download speed of 30Mbps and is ideal for light browsing by individuals.
  2. Full Fibre 175: The KCOM Full Fibre 175 broadband plan is great for remote staff who work from home. This plan offers an average download speed of 175Mbps and a 50Mbps upload speed.
  3. Full Fibre 400: This KCOM broadband deal offers mindblowing download speeds of 400Mbps. It is ideal for households with heavy browsing patterns and can accommodate simultaneous streaming on multiple devices.
  4. Full Fibre 900: With a lightning speed of 900Mbps, the Full Fibre 900 broadband plan by KCOM is the ultimate package that exceeds all expectations. This plan can handle any rigorous internet data-consuming activity thrown at it.


KCOM broadband is very popular in Hull and its environs, especially with its high-speed internet. Besides the superfast speeds, KCOM’s subsidised broadband packages, bundled plans, unlimited data, and renewable energy use set it apart from other competitors in Hull and the UK. Thus, KCOM has irrevocably made its mark as a UK broadband provider.