Best KCOM Broadband-Only Deals in the UK

Top KCOM Broadband-Only Deals

As a broadband provider, KCOM is making its mark in Hull and its environs. This broadband and mobile telephony company is best known for offering its users mindblowing speeds with its full-fibre broadband plans. It deploys this broadband with FTTP (fibre to the premises) connections which solely use optical fibres to transmit signals directly to the home. Thus, KCOM’s broadband signal is unfazed by weather conditions, age or distance. KCOM’s popularity is rising for such a broadband provider with the service quality and credibility users seek.

It’s common knowledge that broadband users shouldn’t pay for services they don’t need or use. This is why other providers create broadband-only packages. So, does Hull’s broadband giant offer a broadband-only service?

Here’s all you need to know about the KCOM broadband-only plan.

KCOM Broadband-Only Offering

An ideal broadband-only plan is 100% broadband internet. It is void of additional features like television or call plans. Therefore, individuals that opt for broadband-only plans should not receive phone lines or landlines. However, this isn’t always the case with all broadband providers.

Some providers offer ADSL and fibre broadband plans which require landlines for internet access. Such providers include landlines as standard during the broadband installation. However, for a company like KCOM that prides itself as a full-fibre broadband provider, its broadband-only offering could be more consistent. The provider sets up its full-fibre broadband with landlines, making them necessities for internet access.

KCOM includes the cost of landline rental in its subscription fee. Individuals using the landline are offered different call plans from PAYG to UK landline, UK landline and mobile, all-inclusive calls and international 1000. Users who choose neither plan would be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Disclaimer: Call packages are the only services users can bundle with their KCOM broadband plan. This is because the provider doesn’t offer TV packages.

KCOM Broadband Deals

KCOM offers full-fibre broadband deals which have varying speeds. These plans include the following:

  1. Full Fibre Lite: The KCOM Full Fibre Lite is the provider’s entry-level full-fibre broadband plan. It offers a download speed of 30Mbps and is ideal for light browsing and streaming by individuals.
  2. Full Fibre 175: The KCOM Full Fibre 175 broadband plan is great for individuals who work from home and need reliable internet. With an average download speed of 175Mbps and a 50Mbps upload speed, it is also a good choice for round-the-clock streaming, video conferencing or gaming.
  3. Full Fibre 400: This KCOM broadband deal offers mindblowing download speeds of 400Mbps. It is ideal for busy households with heavy browsing patterns and can accommodate simultaneous streaming on multiple devices.
  4. Full Fibre 900: With a lightning speed of 900Mbps, the Full Fibre 900 broadband plan by KCOM is the ultimate package that exceeds all expectations. This plan enables users to stream in 8K and handles all rigorous data-consuming activities thrown at it.


KCOM is one of the few full-fibre broadband providers in Hull and on some level, the company operates on a monopoly in the area. Nevertheless, KCOM still strives to provide its users with affordable high-speed broadband, especially through its subsidised Flex option. KCOM has some other features, like its renewable energy use, that boost its competitive advantage.