Best Hey Broadband Fibre Deals in the UK

Top Hey Broadband Fibre Deals

As one of Horsham’s few full-fibre broadband providers, one could say that Hey Broadband operates on a monopoly. However, this provider has proven its worth in Horsham as it offers fast broadband internet and calls services to businesses, residents and remote workers. Thus, potential users can expect a curated range of broadband plans designed to anticipate and satisfy their needs, be it sending work emails or streaming in 4K.

Hey Broadband has its features, pros and cons. Its 1Gbps broadband plan can compete against that of major UK broadband providers. However, there’s plenty to learn about Hey Broadband, which you can find here.

Hey Broadband Features

Hey Broadband has a lot of unique features which work to its advantage. Some of them include the following:

  • Full-fibre broadband: Hey Broadband offers 100% full-fibre broadband deployed via FTTP technology. It uses optical fibres to run connections from the local exchange to your home.
  • Contractual terms: Hey Broadband has flexible contractual terms which feature different lengths. From 12 and 24-month contracts and 30-day rolling contracts for those who don’t want to commit, Hey Broadband has it all.
  • Diverse plans: Hey Broadband has plans for different types of users. It offers home plans, home worker plans and plans for businesses, granting users the luxury to choose plans that accommodate their lifestyle.
  • Coverage: Although its rollout is ongoing, the coverage and availability of Hey Broadband are limited to selected towns in the UK.
  • Symmetrical speeds: Hey Broadband offers symmetrical speeds on its home worker and business packages. Thus, users of plans under these packages can upload as fast as they download.
  • Bundled packages: Hey Broadband offers broadband and phone packages for users that want comprehensive plans. However, TV plans aren’t available with this provider.

Hey Broadband Plans

Hey Broadband’s fibre plans are 100% full-fibre and grouped into the home, home worker and business packages.

Hey Broadband Home

Hey Broadband’s home plans include the following:

  • Superfast 100: This plan is designed for average internet users who might stream and browse on a few devices. It offers a 100Mbps download speed to facilitate its purpose.
  • Mega fast 400: With a 400Mbps download speed, the Mega fast 400 full-fibre plan from Hey Broadband is designed to accommodate moderate internet usage and streams from several devices.
  • Gigafast 1000: The Gigafast 1000 full-fibre broadband plan from Hey Broadband is the only home plan that offers symmetrical speeds. This plan permits 4K streaming on multiple devices and offers an average speed of 900Mbps.

Hey Broadband Home Worker

The home worker plans from Hey Broadband include the following:

  • Home Worker 900: The Home Worker 900 Hey Broadband plan offers 900Mbps symmetrical speeds and can accommodate cloud-based applications, 4K video conferencing and streaming.
  • Home Worker 900 Pro: This plan builds on the former, and it’s ideal for heavy browsing patterns, featuring cloud-based apps and document sharing. This plan also grants users a static IP address.

Hey Broadband Business

The following plans were designed for corporations and businesses:

  • Business Superfast 100: With an average symmetrical speed of 100Mbps, the Business Superfast 100 plan offers unlimited data, a free static IP address, SLAs, etc. It is a great choice for small businesses that use online storage platforms and applications.
  • Business Mega fast 400: This plan offers speeds of 400Mbps. It is great for growing businesses that host multiple video calls and use online storage applications. This plan builds on the features of the previous.
  • Business Gigafast 1000: The Business Gigafast 1000 plan is ideal for large businesses with multiple heavy data-using employees. With a speed of 900Mbps, this plan offers free static IP addresses, SLAs, etc.