Best G Network Broadband-Only Deals in the UK

Top G Network Broadband-Only Deals

Considered to be the broadband provider of the future, G Network offers its customers so much in broadband speed, affordability and service quality. This service provider provides several broadband packages that accommodate households with varying browsing patterns. However, despite all its offerings, certain customers would love a broadband-only service from G Network.

So, does G Network have a broadband-only offering? Here’s all you need to know about this provider’s broadband-only plans.

G Network Broadband-Only Plans

Ideally, a broadband-only plan does not require a landline for internet access. It is a purely broadband plan and void of add-ons like television, sports and call plans. Some providers on the Openreach network that use FTTC connections for their broadband services will require a landline, while those that use FTTP connections do not need a landline. This is because the broadband is deployed directly into the home.

G Network does not need a landline because it delivers full fibre connections via FTTP technology. Therefore, all G Network’s broadband plans are broadband-only by default, allowing customers to save money on their broadband packages.

G Network takes its default broadband-only feature seriously, and the provider doesn’t offer add-ons like TV or call packages. Thus, customers that want bundled packages will have to seek another internet service provider, as G Network doesn’t offer them.

G Network Broadband-Only Pros

As a default broadband-only service provider, there are a ton of benefits that G Network offers its customers. Some of them include the following:

  • Full Fibre Technology

All G Network’s broadband plans are deployed through FTTP technology. This provider’s broadband encompasses full fibre and is void of copper cables. This allows for faster and more reliable internet that doesn’t lag and isn’t affected by weather conditions.

  • Affordable Plans

A competitive advantage that G Network has is its affordability. This provider offers broadband packages with insane internet speeds for close to nothing. These good value packages appeal to households of different income ranges, even those on financial assistance.

  • No Installation Fees

G Network doesn’t charge its customers installation fees. This is because the setup is easy, and customers can handle it alone.

  • Contract flexibility

G Network offers its customers flexible contract lengths ranging from 12 to 24 months. However, individuals that don’t want to be tied to long-term contracts have the option of monthly subscriptions with this provider.

G Network Broadband-Only Cons

G Network has its downsides, including the following:

  • Availability limitation

Although G Network has reached over 400,000 homes in London, its availability is limited to 13 London boroughs. Individuals outside of London cannot yet access the convenience this provider offers.

  • No bundled plans

G Network might not have a bundled plan or add-ons, but it offers high-speed internet with which users can stream all the entertainment they want. However, individuals who want a broadband-only with a landline feature will have to migrate to another provider.

G Network is a broadband provider that offers its users lightning-speed internet at affordable rates. This provider’s broadband-only service is inherent. While it doesn’t have the provision for bundled plans, G Network’s broadband plans accommodate high download patterns, allowing users to stream all their entertainment needs.