Best EE Fibre Deals in the UK

Top EE Fibre Deals

EE is a British internet service provider and mobile network operator founded as Everything Everywhere in 2010 before its rebranding in 2012. This company offers broadband, digital television, fixed-line and mobile telephony services to its customers within the United Kingdom.

As the second-largest network provider in the UK, EE has a Rolodex of over 26 million customers. EE is powered by BT and operates on BT’s Openreach network, which means both providers share similar features, especially in terms of network and routers.

Here’s all you need to know about EE fibre packages.

EE Fibre Packages

EE has many broadband packages with unique technologies and broadband speeds. Ideally, these packages can be split into:

  • Standard
  • Fibre
  • Full Fibre

The EE Standard broadband is the slowest broadband option the provider offers. This package has an average download speed of 10Mbps and is ideal for individuals who live alone or don’t have demanding browsing patterns. The EE Standard broadband is deployed via ADSL connections, and its performance is affected by weather, age and distance.

The EE Fibre broadband is of various types, including:

  • Fibre broadband (standard): This is EE’s entry-level fibre broadband package. It offers an average download speed of 36Mbps. This broadband uses FTTC connections and is available in over 90% of UK homes.
  • Fibre Plus: EE’s Fibre Plus broadband offers double the download speed of its predecessor. Its broadband speed is 73Mbps, and can accommodate households with moderate browsing patterns.

Full Fibre
As opposed to other fibre packages which use FTTC connections, EE’s full fibre packages are deployed via FTTP connectivity. Full Fibre broadband is connected directly to your home and is not affected by weather, distance or age. EE’s full fibre packages include:

  • Fibre Max 100
  • Fibre Max 300
  • Fibre Max 500
  • Fibre Max 900

These packages hint at the download speeds they offer. The Fibre Max broadband 100 offers download speeds of 145Mbps and can accommodate several types of households. The Fibre Max 300 offers 300Mbps and is great for individuals who love streaming. The Fibre Max 500 offers 500Mbps and is ideal for gamers, content creators, etc. Lastly, the Fibre Max 900 offers 900Mbps download speeds and is mostly purchased by landlords and businesses. However, it’s worth noting that EE full fibre packages are only available in locations where the EE full fibre is enabled.

Advantages Of EE Broadband

As an internet service provider, EE offers its customers tremendous benefits. Some of these include:

  • Easy setups: All fibre broadband packages can be accessed by simply plugging in your router. Hence, the provider doesn’t charge installation fees.
  • Free mobile data: EE offers its mobile users free 5GB worth of data. Fibre Max users also get 20GB worth of data.
  • Bundled plans: EE permits bundling with its broadband plans. Hence, users can get calling add-ons, Apple TV, and other offerings combined with their broadband plans.
  • Internet security: EE offers its first-time customers a 12-months subscription to Norton Security Premium at a reduced price.
  • Competitive prices: EE’s prices are competitive. Its fibre broadband plans are affordable when compared with providers like Sky.


EE might be affiliated with BT, but this provider is unique. It’s competitively priced, easy to set up, and offers many fibre broadband plans. EE is also known for its great customer service, which is why it has over 26 million UK customers.