Top EE Broadband-Only Deals

Top EE Broadband-Only Deals

EE has achieved an impressive client base with its fixed-line, mobile, TV and fibre broadband packages as a British network operator and internet service provider. These broadband packages are of varying speeds and are influenced by their applicable deployment technologies. Nevertheless, with EE’s entry-level fibre broadband package accommodating individuals of low to moderate browsing patterns, the speeds can only go up from there.

EE offers several broadband packages, some combined with TV and calling add-ons. However, does EE offer these broadband packages independently? Or is there a requirement for additional features like a landline?

Here’s what you need to know about EE broadband-only.

EE Broadband-Only

An ideal broadband-only service is independent of additional features like a landline, television or calls package. It is purely broadband and could come in different forms. Now, other broadband providers typically assign their broadband-only plans with landlines because they’re necessities for accessing the internet. EE contrasts this as it believes customers should not pay for landlines if they don’t need one.

EE offers Superfast fibre broadband without a phone line. Thus, most of EE’s broadband packages, with the exemption of the standard ADSL broadband, which is only available with a landline, are accessible without landlines. Therefore, a broadband-only service for this provider means EE broadband without a landline. However, it’s important to note that customers that choose the EE broadband-only service will have no dial tones, nor will they be able to make or receive calls, including calls to emergency services.

EE Broadband Deals

EE’s broadband deals encompass its different broadband services, from Standard to Fibre and Full Fibre. These services offer an extensive range of download speeds from 10Mbps to 900Mbps. Nevertheless, customers can combine EE’s broadband deals with additional services for a more inclusive plan. These additional services include:

  • Apple TV

EE offers customers the ability to combine their broadband packages with Apple TV 4K, which comes with BT Sport. However, not all content is available in 4K or 4K HDR, and a compatible TV is necessary.

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

EE customers that upgrade to an eligible broadband plan, like the full fibre 500 and 900, can combine or access the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for six months.

  • Calling add-ons

From weekend calls to UK landlines to Anytime UK and international calls, EE customers can add a calling plan to their broadband package.

It’s worth noting that while EE subsidises several add-ons for new customers, the more features you append to your broadband package, the higher the accrued monthly cost.


Since its inception, EE has witnessed significant growth and has become a reputable UK internet service provider. With over 26 million customers in the UK and a reputation for having one of the best customer service ratings in the country, EE is a vastly successful broadband provider. Its broadband-only service applies to all plans apart from the Standard Broadband plan, which requires a home phone line to function.