Best Community Fibre Deals in the UK

Founded in 2013, Community Fibre is a London-based telecommunications provider that offers services like TV, mobile and fixed broadband telephony for its residential and commercial clients. Community Fibre prides itself as a provider that offers full fibre, high-speed broadband connections to 32 London boroughs. It has outstanding features to which it owes its competitive advantage, as such features aren’t synonymous with any other provider.

Here’s all you need to know about Community Fibre.

Community Fibre Features

  • Network Deployment Technology: Community Fibre broadband differs from its competitors in its chosen network technology. While other major UK broadband providers run on Openreach’s network, Community fibre builds, owns and operates on its dedicated fibre optic network. With this advanced technology, Community Fibre creates faster and more reliable connections.
  • Symmetric Speeds: Community Fibre offers symmetric broadband speeds on all its plans. This means that on each Community Fibre broadband plan, the download speed is the same as the upload speed. Thus, allowing for a seamless experience both ways.
  • Full Fibre Broadband: Unlike other providers that offer standard ADSL or fibre (FTTC) broadband, Community Fibre offers its customers only 100% full-fibre (FTTP) internet. In essence, the optical fibres go straight into the customers’ homes and routers. Therefore, the service quality of a Community Fibre FTTP broadband isn’t influenced by weather factors, age or distance.
  • Increased Speeds: Based on availability, Community Fibre offers internet speeds up to 3000Mbps (3Gbps) for individuals and up to 10Gbps for businesses, making it the provider with the fastest speeds.
  • Limited Reach: Community Fibre is a London-based broadband provider, and its services are only available to London residents. Thus, individuals in other cities cannot yet experience its convenience.
  • Competitive Prices: Community Fibre’s prices are more competitive per Mbps than other providers. For instance, Community Fibre’s 50 Mbps broadband plan, which offers 50Mbps download and upload speeds, costs significantly less than Sky’s Superfast, BT’s Full Fibre 2 and Virgin Media’s M50 plans.
  • Excellent Reviews: Community Fibre prides itself as TrustPilot’s number-one internet service provider. The company has amassed a plethora of 5-star reviews on the platform.

Community Fibre Deals

Community Fibre has an extensive range of full-fibre broadband deals, which include the following:

  • Essential 10 Mbps: As the name implies, the Essential 10 Mbps full-fibre broadband plan from Community Fibre offers an average download speed of 10Mbps, making it ideal for individuals with low browsing patterns.
  • 50 Mbps Fibre Broadband: Community Fibre’s 50Mbps broadband plan would accommodate households with moderate browsing requirements. It offers an average download speed of 50Mbps.
  • 150 Mbps Fibre Broadband: This plan offers symmetric speeds of 150Mbps. It comes with a free router and is installed free of charge. The Community Fibre 150 Mbps fibre broadband can accommodate moderate to heavy browsing patterns.
  • 1000 Mbps Fibre Broadband: With an average download speed of 920Mbps, the 1000 Mbps fibre broadband plan from Community Fibre can accommodate the heaviest browsing needs.
  • 3000 Mbps Fibre Broadband: This plan is the pinnacle of broadband speed and convenience. Community Fibre’s 3000 Mbps fibre broadband is only available in selected locations. Use the Community Fibre Checker to determine if this plan is available in your location.


Community Fibre’s fibre optic broadband plans offer the fastest speeds London has ever seen. This provider has remarkable features and sets new standards in the ISP niche.