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Broadband Buying Guide

One of the first things to consider when you compare broadband providers is the availability in your area. Obviously typing in each company that you know of, then typing in your postcode, can take quite a lot of time, luckily at broadband providers we can remove this hassle for you. Simply enter your postcode at our availability checker and you will see a range of broadband providers in your area.

Broadband Speed And Usage

The next consideration is to consider, when you compare broadband providers, is exactly what you wish to use the broadband for. Are you a light user?, will you just be using the internet to check email, browse websites?, or are you medium or heavy users, who will be downloading video, games and watching movies online. Will you be using heavy data programs such as social networking sites. These are all points to consider when comparing broadband providers.

This used to be a major consideration when broadband speeds will still in there infancy. With broadband speeds of around 1-2mb, watching movies or downloading games, could take a while, however, with broadband providers now being able to support speeds of upto 24mb, this is no longer a consideration. However if your are only a casual user, obviously download speed will not be a major contribution to compare broadband providers. Instead, looking at the broadband limits will give you a good indication of the right package for you. If your heavy user, an unlimited download limit is appropriate, if you watch the occasional video and music online, then a 10GB download limit should suffice.


When you compare broadband providers these days most will provide the equipment needed to get you up and running, however if you plan to use wireless internet then additional equipment such as wireless routers may be needed. Most laptops these days come with the hardware required for wireless browsing however its always best to make sure. This equipment can sometimes be figured into the monthly package, provided for free, or you may have to buy the items separately.

Fair Usage Policies

One additional point to mention, if your looking to compare broadband providers is the fair usage policies. These are often not advertised on the main site, and you wil have to read through the terms and conditions. Although most broadband providers advertise unlimited broadband, this is not strictly true. You will often be sharing your bandwidth with many other people in your area, and obviously there is only so much bandwidth speed to go round. Therefore companies have adopted a fair usage policy. These will differ from company to company, but with increase in broadband speeds, providers of broadband are being more liberal with this then they used to.


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