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What is Broadband ?

Broadband in the UK is a fast, 'always on' internet connection.

Not only is it 10 to 100 times faster then a dial-up account, it doesn't tie up the phone line so you can make and receive calls normally while you use the internet.

You pay a flat monthly fee to a UK broadband provider for an 'always on' connection, so there's no need to dial in to get online. Just turn on the computer and you're connected.

Variety Of UK Broadband Providers

With technology improving so much over the last decade, you can do so much more with a UK broadband connection. With  UK broadband providers being able to support speeds of up to 24mb a sec, you can now do so many things with a broadband connection that was unthinkable. Watch videos, download music, Catch up on the latest TV programs, and even rent movies online. 

With the surge of entertainment systems now hooking up to the online world, you can even play games online against friends, family and people from all over the world.

Compared to a decade ago, there are now many more UK broadband providers. Instead of purchasing your broadband from your phone company, mobile phone companies, satellite TV and even supermarkets have started to become UK broadband providers. Buying the right broadband package will depend on your own particular needs, but each UK broadband providers will have there own rule and regulations, regarding setup costs, download speeds and contracts.

With the birth of wireless internet, the attractiveness of the on-demand broadband service, has seen an increase in people using broadband on the go. Many areas around the UK, now offer a WIFI service allowing you to be browsing the web wherever you are. In fact many fast food restaurants, cafes and shops will offer free WIFI to customers to use.

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